Goodbets Bar is a new model for fundraising and organizational support. The traditional model of supports requires a costly upfront commitment for organizations seeking advice. Consultations with firms quickly become sales pitches, and before you know it, you are paying a consultant for advice when you could be paying your team (and yourself). This model excludes organizations and founders that need help but can’t afford 5-figure consulting fees. That’s why we came up with Goodbets Bar. You can bring us your burning questions—whether they be about fundraising, organizational strategy, or project planning—and we’ll answer them with our team of expert advisors.  

You pay by the hour, so you aren’t locked into unproductive meetings and unnecessary fees. If you want to purchase more, then you can when you need expert help. Each consulting hour consists of one-on-one time with an expert who will listen to your challenges and provide actionable solutions you can implement right away. After the call, you’ll receive a brief that includes a customized action plan for your organization based on recommendations made on the call. You’ll also receive a full recording of your call to reference. The cost per hour is $250, a fraction of a lengthy consulting engagement.  

Since Goodbets’ founding, it has been a priority to make expert advice and coaching affordable and accessible to everyone with a big idea to change the world. The Goodbets Bar is our newest opportunity to make building a thriving organization more equitable and interesting. Finally, you can get real and actionable support designed for organizations who want to get better, faster and cheaper. 

What You'll Get:

  • 1 hour one-on-one call with a coach
  • A recording of the call 
  • Customized action plan based on your needs
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